Catering for local events

Pizza is a great option for catering stag and doe's, weddings or events.  Much better tasting and cheaper than sandwiches or cold meats it's the perfect choice.  Each and every pizza we bake for events is hand made and cooked in our oven.  We pride ourselves in always using the same fresh local ingredients and putting taste first.  Crowds are always pleased when they see the pizza being delivered!  

The standard price for each 15" square pizza cut into 16 pieces when catering for an event is $17 with each topping an additional $1.  

For an event like a stag and doe with around 300 tickets sold 15 pizzas is a good number with enough for everyone and little to no waste. This would cover most stag and does in our area for example.  These pizzas are delivered directly to your venue FREE to you.  

Ordering these for catering should happen at least 4 days in advance.  This gives us a chance to make the dough fresh and age it correctly.  Please call 519-364-4055 to order or for more information.