About Ten-Der Pizza


Started in 1986 by Doris Fischer and continued by her and her son Dave Fischer.  This is a family owned pizza restaurant that serves a local community.  Customer satisfaction is at the heart of this restaurant.  That is why we focus on fresh local ingredients and always fresh dough.  Taste is important to our customers.  That is why we keep the tradition of the original Italian dough makers.   


The dough is hand made fresh daily and aged for 2-3 days before it's cooked.  This creates the authentic Italian pizza taste.  The tomato sauce is sourced from fresh vine picked tomatoes in California.  Our tomatoes are picked and canned within the hour keeping their fresh tomato taste.  The toppings are sourced as locally as possible and chopped in house.  Chosen for freshness and taste our toppings deliver a real pizza taste. 


Always found in the store Dave the owner takes real pride in bringing a preservative free pizza to our local community.  Carrying on the tradition from his mother who is a stickler for good tasting food.  Our pizza place is a must visit location when in Hanover.